To Cum Or Not To Cum

Some people like it on their face, some like it down their throats and some don't like to cum at all. On this episode, the cast discusses our opinions on cum followed by a deeper conversation about being LGBT in today's world.

Unpopular Opinions & Stolen Watches

On this episode we discuss unpopular opinions, boyfriends stealing from your family and conversion therapy.

What dat mouth do? - To Cum or Not to Cum

Love & Situationships - What would you do if you found out your relative/ friend stole from your mate?

Topic of The Day- Stop Conversion Therapy

Sexual Transmitted Spirits

On this episode, we discuss who on the cast we believe have the best and worst sex, the most damaging effect from our childhood that impact's our romantic relationships followed by out Topic of the Day conversation regarding Chick-fil-A supporting anti-gay groups.

Ice Breaker - If you had to introduce someone to your taste in movies what are five titles that you would

What dat mouth do? - Who on the cast have the best and most boring sex?

Love & Situationships - What’s the most damaging effect from your childhood that directly impacts all your romantic relationships?

Topic of The Day- If You Really Love LGBTQ People, You Just Can’t Keep Eating Chick-fil-A


On this episode we discuss ghosting and being ghosted after sex, reasons why dating as a millennial sucks as well as cultural Appropriation.

What dat mouth do? - Ghost After Sex

Love & Situationships - Why Dating As A Millennial Is So Screwed Up

Topic of The Day - Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation

Cheaters Clip

Why Dating As A Millennial Is So Screwed Up

Choiices The Series

Georgia's Heartbeat Bill, Foot Fetishes & A Year Of No Sex

On this episode, we discuss accidents during sex, foot fetishes and how the HB 481 bill will affect not only women's right to choose but also the health industry.

What Dat Mouth Do? - Woman suffers a stroke after oral sex orgasm cause brain bleed.

Love & Situationship - Dani is back, single and ready to get her toes sucked!

Topic of The Day - HB 481, a bill that would ban most abortions in the state of Georgia.

To Cut Or To Uncut The Dick...

On this episode we discuss our preferences on cut and uncut dick, giving advice to friends who never take it and random questions about love and sex.

What Dat Mouth Do: Uncut penises

Love & Situationships: What to do when your friend keeps asking your advice on a man she's never leaving?

Topic of The Day: A remix of 1 Girl 5 Gays...15 questions about love and sex featuring 3 Gays 2 Lesbians

RuPaul's Scam Race

What Dat Mouth Do: To Playlist or Not…do you like listening to music during sex?

Love & Situationships: Should you expect your partner to stay faithful to you if you become sick and unable to care for yourself?

Topic of The Day: RuPaul’s Drag Race and other controversies

Surviving R. Kelly, Donald Trump & Broken Promithes

What Dat Mouth Do? - The cast plays a game of Would You Rather about sex.

Love & Situationship - How long should you wait to marry someone and does waiting 6 months before making it officially make a difference in dating someone.

Topic of The Day - What are our thoughts on the R.Kelly documentary, Who is to blame for this going on so long, and should we remove R.Kelly music from all streaming sites

Can Gay People Go To Straight Pride?

From gay pride to straight pride we discuss it on this episode. Is there a such thing as the gay agenda and is gay people allowed at straight pride? Joining us at the end of the episode is Keo, Spelman’s first transgender male to graduate from the institution.

We apologize in advance for the quality of this episode. We decided to air this episode because we felt Keo’s story needed to be told as well as we needed to end the myth that theres a gay agenda.

The Panel ATL Vs. The Straights...Live at A Pod Connection ATL

We're live from A Pod Connection ATL and we're answering all the questions straight people have for gay people. The questions and our answers may surprise you. Our favorite questions are...will Savoi ever try dick? And does having sex with another male one time make you gay?

Thank you to A Pod Connection for having us and ATL Podcast Network for recording this episode.

How You Ghost Me & You're On The Bus?

What would you do if you got invited to a wedding and one of the people getting married was your significant other? On this episode, we discuss finding our your boyfriend of two years is getting married and he didn't even have the nerve to invite you, being left at the altar and the current state of our dating lives.

Music from this episode features 10 Mack Commandments by Medino Green.

IG & Twitter: @MedinoGreen

Chains & Whips Excite Me Feat. Madame Chocolate

From rope burns to kitty cats, this episode is dedicated to BDSM. We define some of the basic terms of BDSM as well as welcome our special guest, Madam Chocolate to the show to discuss dominatrix, black people and kinks as well as how to go about exploring your dominant side.

How To Take The Best Nude? 1:30

BDSM 101 12:00

Interview With Madam Chocolate 40:20

Test Your Kink at

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On Today's Hot Tops & Topics!

With so much drama going on in the pop culture world we dedicated a whole episode to talk about the hottest topics in entertainment and the world followed by a personality test thanks to a pig. Is #QueenNicki’s best album? Will Beyonce retire soon? Will Lauryn Hill’s chakras ever align? We discuss this and more, so grab your headphones and press play on the latest episode!

Stop Reusing Condoms & Toxic Masculinity

Did you know reusing condoms was a thing? We didn't either, but apparently, it's an epidemic that is so bad it's making the CDC release PSAs about it. Aside from condoms, we talk about toxic masculinity. What is it? How has it affected us? And what we plan to do to fix it.

Love Languages & How Being A Hoe Builds Character

Would you date someone who has different political views than yours? What about differences on how to raise your kids? On this episode, we discuss all this and more, but first, we must guess everyone's love language. Find out who love receiving gifts and who just want a little quality time.