I'm Good Luv. Enjoy

On this episode the guys of the show discuss if we believe Nicki Minaj is falling off, Teyana Taylor's unfinished album, Drake's new album and the culture of leaving someone on read.

Absent Black Fathers...A Myth?

On this episode, we wanted to change the stories of black fathers in the media by opening the conversation about what our fathers mean to us. Black men are present and engaged fathers who love their children, and this is true for our special guest who stops by to share his story and opinion about being a black father in America.

Live From No Labels Fest

We attended No Labels Fest this past weekend and had the opportunity to interview a few people who attended, vendors and panelists. For more information about the festival please visit @queensofsociety on IG

We apologize in advance for the sound quality.

Tonight Is The Night, That We Ate An Edible!

To celebrate 420, we hosted a 420 kickback and panel discussion with a few of our friends and discussed the legalization of Marijuana, the stigma of smoking weed and our first time getting high while being under the influence of an edible. This week's episode is a short snippet of that conversation.

Nice For What?

On this week's episode we discuss using protection in relationships and marriage, dating someone who is no good for you and women not feeling the need to be nice to men anymore.

Goodbye Craigslist, Hello Backpage!

On this episode we all get a shock that we were not expecting when we go searching through the Backpage ads...can you guess who we found? But before we get to the tea, we discuss Netflix & Chill as the new code word for a hookup, Avery has his own listener letter for us, and we share our opinion on the SESTA/FOSTA bill that led to Craigslist shutting down their Personals section. Grab your condoms and strap up for this episode cause its gone be a ride!


How far would Nzingha move to find true love? Can Travon live without head? & Brandon...well Brandon just want these kids to shut up!

On this episode we discuss long distance relationships, how important is head in a relationship and the pressures of being a millennial in today's society.

Forever I Love Atlanta...?

On this week’s episode of the podcast, we take a break from our usual shenanigans and pull a wildcard. On this episode we discuss pop culture, would you rather and some of our favorites…and not so favorites about living in Atlanta.

Mind Your Black Business

As we move into the last week of #BlackHistoryMonth we sit down with four black business owners to discuss being an entrepreneur in today's economy and how to grow your own empire. But before we get to the Topic of The Day, we share our struggle of forgiving ourselves and others who have hurt us and our top celebrity sex tape...*hint* #BlacChyna 's wasn't our favorite.

From Colorism To Interracial Dating

On this week's episode we discuss interracial dating and colorism in the black community.

What Dat Mouth Do: Which female artist brought sexual pleasure and safety to the forefront of hip hop that help shaped the way we look at female sexuality?

Love & Situationships: Interracial Dating

Topic of The Day: Dark Skin Vs: Light Skin: The Battle Of Colorism In The Black Community

The N Word: A Double Standard?

On this week’s episode, we determine who on the cast need their black card revoked, having sex with an older person and if sex gets better with age, dating someone locked up and our take on the N-Word, and its double standard.

Ice Breaker: Confessions that could get our black card revoked.

What Dat Mouth Do: The cast discuss the oldest person they had sex with and if age plays a role in better sex.

Love & Situationship: Dating someone locked up, who on the cast have done it and who on the cast would.

Main Topic: The N-Word. How does it make us feel, how do we use it in our everyday life and is there a double standard?

Netflix Presents: I'm Shuttin' My Damn Mouth Starring Mo'Nique

We love y'all for real but can we just boycott all boycotts? On this week's episode, the cast shares their opinion on Mo'Nique and Netflix, our favorite or worst college sex story and if we'll tell a friend that we saw their significant other cheating.

What Dat Mouth Do: The cast shares their best...or worst college sex story

Love and Situationships: If you found out your friend's significant other was cheating would you tell them?

Topic of the Day: Should we boycott Netflix and is the Women's March inclusive to all women or just white women?

Sex Dreams & Body Shaming

How do you feel about your body? How does society view the bodies of black men and women? We answer these questions and more on this week’s episode of The Panel ATL, but first, we discuss some of our good…and some of our scary sex dreams.